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Curry Chicken with Coconut Milk #FilipinoFoodsPhilippines

Curry Chicken with Coconut Milk #FilipinoFoodsPhilippines

Best eaten with white rice and if you want to be creative, add some other ingredients of your choice. Serves 6 persons.


I whole chicken

For paste:

To blend:

20 pieces of shallots (peeled)
10 pieces of garlic (peeled)
3 stalks of lemon grass (white part only, lower half)
2 inch yellow ginger (tumeric, kunyit)
6 pieces of candlenut
20 pieces of dried chillies (soaked in water for 15 mins)

2 tsp of salt (or more to taste)
2 tsp of sugar
A bowl of oil (about 300 ml)
2 tbsp of curry powder
1 packet of coconut milk (200 ml pack)
6 pieces of yellow flesh potatoes (peeled and quartered)
A bunch of curry leaves (optional)
1 glass of water.


1. Cut the chicken into medium-sized pieces i.e. halve the drumstick, wing cut at the joint.

2. Blend the ingredients coarsely.

3. Heat up the oil in the wok and fry the blended ingredients in low flame for about 15 minutes till fragrant. Add curry powder, curry leaves, salt and sugar. If you prefer your curry to be spicier, add some chilli.

4. Add the chicken pieces and gently simmer for 30 minutes and it will be done. Add a glass of water along the way and monitor to ensure the bottom is not burning.

5. At the 15 minute mark, add the potatoes. At the 25 minute mark, add the coconut milk.

6. When you are finishing, adjust the saltiness of the curry if you need to.


  1. idadagdag namin 'to para sa lulutuin this holidae season..

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  3. This looks appetizing but what is Candlenut? Is there a substitute for it that I can get in the UK?

  4. Wow! Look so yummy. I really love Chicken Curry. will try to suggest this to my mom.

  5. sarap nyan! lalo na maanghang.. ganda ng blog na'to salamat sa pagpost Pinoy Forum


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